Friday, December 30, 2011

My First Internship Experience...

HelpAge India Nagpur, I was interning there. It was my first internship as in my MBA course we have to do three internship which includes one NGO internship and two industry internship.

when I got internship at HelpAge India Nagpur, I was very happy as HelpAge India is no.1 NGO in India, that would be very good for my career, I was thinking about very technical terms like what would the task n work that I will get there, It would be a desktop work, or field work. Whatever it would be I am ready for it. It was my feeling that was going on my mind.
Finally the day come to join HelpAge India as a trainee. I was getting field work as well desktop work, I was happy. But the work is not like that I was thinking after my selection. The work is totally full of emotions. I have to meet with elderly to whom HelpAge India was providing there service and I had to visit Old-age homes. It was really painful when they told their stories; it was really hard to control my emotions in-front of them. They told me how their own son & his wife treated them in home. They are just like garbage in their home. There own son don't have time to take them hospital for their treatment. Their own children told them get-out of my home I don't want to waste money on you I have lots of expenses. I was very sad after hearing all this but at the same time I was very angry on their children that how you guys could treat your parents like garbage. they are the one who take care of you, who fulfill your wishes, who support you encourage you in every situation, now they need your support, love, care you are just throwing them.

I express all my feeling in-front of my sir (branch head of HelpAge India Nagpur). Sir told that in old-age homes there are so many Nana ji n Nani ji who belongs to a good family; their own children throw them in old age home. They never come to meet there parents and when they died old-age homes in-charge inform them your mom died. They tell them we don't know her,I don't have money for her funeral you do the stuff n don't call us again, Then also Elderly miss their children. Whatever the behaviour of children but parents never forget their children, they love them as nothing happen.

Time was passing and I was involving with elderly i was spending my more time with Nani jis', they share their lots of stories, they were very happy whenever i visit old-age home, I always try to make them laugh, Now the day also came when my internship completed, it was my internship which was full of emotions I made two movies for HelpAge India, and prepared a story in PPT, I MISS THEM. 
Please support your parents at their old-age. They never tell you how they feel but they expect your love & care.

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