Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fastest browser for Android...

Android phones are in the air these days. Every individual is magnetized by it. I bet nobody is here who won't desire to have a android phone.

Android phones need continuous internet connection because automatic updates are going on it.  We also require internet connection every second as we do lots of online works surfing, emailing, connects to social networks etc.

Those who surf a lot like me, we need fastest browser. I tried opera beta version, Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin browser.Among all dolphin browser is the fastest one.

It's the logo of dolphin browser. It works very well compare to other browsers. We can switch and open between web pages on it. Without typing a word by using our voice we can search, navigate and share. Even with its hot android apps option we can search useful apps. 

If it is not inbuilt at your android phone you can download it from a play store or android market of it.

oki bloggies enjoy surfing... 

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